“Growth is never by mere chance;
it is the result of forces working together.”

- James Cash Penney


As a business owner, you have spent a great deal of time working in your business. How much time have you taken to work on your business?


One of the guarantees in life is that one way or another, you WILL exit your business. The question is: Will you exit on your own terms?

We work with business owners to help answer these questions and more. Collaborating with your other advisors (CPA, attorney, etc.) we will create a customized roadmap that walks you through the steps necessary to more successfully operate and exit your business, based on your objectives, values and timeframe.

Additionally, our process will help you identify the employees that are vital to the continued success of your business and tailor customized benefits that will aid in the long term retention and reward of those people.


Our Services include:

Traditional Retirement Plans

Profit Sharing
Defined Benefit Plans

Retention and attraction
of key employees

Non-Qualified Deferred Compensation and SERP Plans
Split Dollar Arrangements
Section 162 Bonus Plans
Health Plans and Other Benefits

Protecting your Business

Golden Handcuff Strategies
Key Person Life Insurance
Exit Planning


How we work with you for your benefit

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